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I have been disappointed numerous times even when I did venture out to such location as Thai Town to try to find what I would consider good Thai food. Of course, not at all an expert in Thai food, I am only qualified to judge based on what my taste buds conveyed.

Aside from President Thai of which I find to be better in quality and selections, Banana Bay has been consistent in allowing me to enjoy Thai food whenever I want to just stay in the temple city area so that I may either get some Asian dessert afterwards or buy breads from bakeries nearby.

I must also confessed that I have concluded that my favorites in Thai cuisine are so far limited to Pad Thai, Papaya Salad, and a good Mango Sweet Sticky Rice dessert. Not to say that I had not tried other dishes, but in the end, I still find that those are the ones that I fancy the most.

The Pad See Ew that I had tasted here did not leave me wanting for more, perhaps because I tend to always compare that with the Chinese style of stir-fry rice noodles. I do like the fresh coconut juice here, goes well with the Pad Thai.

Another reason I like this restaurant is the amount of space between tables and the comfortable booths. The large glass windows offer me the view of people walking by which adds interest and amusement to my meal.

Banana Bay Restaurant – 5747 Rosemead Blvd, Temple City, CA 91780  Phone: 626-593-5155