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Surprisingly good is what comes to mind while eating the lunch buffet at the Trinity restaurant at the San Gabriel Hilton. The fact is that most buffets in big hotels are usually very decent, so I really should not be surprised. But due to the fact that this particular one was usually rather empty most of the times when I happened to pass by, I just somehow did not think to try it.

What I really enjoyed here the most was one of the Chinese dessert – White and Black Fungus soup with Gogi berries.  Aside from the belief that these fungi are good for the lungs, skin, and cholesterol, the best thing was that the soup part was not very sweet, so I did not feel like I was eating dessert. I probably ate at least 3 to 4 bowls until my friend started worrying about me eating so much of that.

The other tasty and well prepared options were these made-to-order wonton noodles and Dan Dan Mian (this version has some bites of minced pork on top of thin egg noodles along with half of a soy egg, chives, and bean sprouts) I preferred the Dan Dan Mian out of the two. The chef behind the counter took the time to make each bowl of noodle special and delicious.

There were pigs feet (another favorite of mine), bok choy with vermicelli, beef stew with radish, a nicely done Chinese Herbal Tea, some baked yams, shrimp dumplings that were better than some famous dim sum restaurants, in addition to salads, western desserts, fruits, and even my beloved red bean soup,…

The waiting staff was very attentive and exceptionally friendly. The seating was spacious and extremely comfortable. With a price of under $20 for lunch, it was a totally worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

Trinity Restaurant – 225 W Valley Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776  Phone: 626-270-2700