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Through the ups and downs of life, one thing that seems to offer a small respite from the sometimes harsh reality is the blessing of a good meal in a very comfortable,  elegant setting, which for a brief instance, enables one the chance to forget and escape.

There was a very enticing deal for the “market buffet” at Culina at the Four seasons in Beverly Hills, so we decided to give it a try. It had been quite a number of years since we were there for dinner.

The restaurant looked a bit updated since my last visit, and we were seated by the window next to the patio where there was a bridal shower party, so the mood became very festive and fun.

The food was beautifully laid out across the bar area in big platters, amongst striking floral arrangements. Even though there were not an enormous amount of offerings, the selections were solid and good.

There were fish tacos on blue corn tortillas, flank steaks and chicken for the protein, and lots of varieties of salads. Being that I love avocados, I was totally content with the big bowl of guacamole next to all the cheeses and charcuterie.

Since it was a Saturday, there was a cook-to-order omelette station as well as savory crepes. I ordered a crepe with smoked salmon and cheese, and it was really good!

I did not find the dessert to be exceptional, so I only ate a small amount and opted to have more of the very fresh fruit selections which included dragon fruit, kiwis, blueberries, pineapples, …

I really enjoyed my time there because of the overall setting and ambiance. I would highly recommend going there not just for the above average food selection but also for a time to relax and escape.

Culina at Four Seasons: 300 Doheny Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90048 Phone: 310-860-4000