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To be able to dine in great restaurants and then to be able to write about the experiences are just some of the many blessings that I am immensely grateful for. The joy of eating is so much more than just the satisfaction of  an empty stomach, it is to me a fulfillment of desires, a obtainment of precious moments, a comforting of the heart, an enjoyment shared, the lifting of spirits, and an escape to different realities.

“these days”, I told my son, “I am feeling that I almost do not want to eat unless it is truly what I enjoy eating and what I really want to eat”. So there had been many days where I would just stay hungry until I can decide what it is that will give me the most pleasure to eat.

I have been blessed with the opportinity to eat in Meizhou Dongpo four times within the last two months. I like roast ducks, and the roast ducks here are truly the best that I have ever tried. The duck is carved in front the patrons’ table, and then put on a white ceramic serving plate with a carving of duck at one end.

The slices of duck meat is served with very thin pancakes, and slivers of green onions that can be added along with the sauce. The first bit of the duck was quite incredible with the perfect crispiness of the skin, the moistness of the fat, the tenderness of the meat, and the delicateness of the taste – a true harmony of flavor and texture!

The Pea Tips is what I reccommend to have along with the duck. This vegetable was seasoned perfectly and went well with the meat.

Although most of the other dishes that I had tried at Meizhou Dongpo were fine, I would suggest going there solely for the duck, it is truly excellent, and to me, the best.


Meizhou Dongpo – 10250 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90067 Phone: 310-788-0120