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Before jumping right into my post tonight, for those of us who are struggling with the uncertainties of life, a friend had so kindly sent me a post from Morgan Harper Nichols of whom she follows on instagram, hopefully that and many previous posts might serve to ease the struggles and pains of the heart.

Now Thai food has always been a hit and miss for me. The only Thai restaurant that I remember really liking was from such a long time ago, a place in Thai town with a Thai Elvis performing while I enjoyed favorites such as papaya salad, steamed fish, and pad thai.

Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the President Thai. We got there early on a Saturday evening. The outside of the building is rather impressive with a pair of elephants on either side of the front entrance. The inside of the restaurant was elegantly decorated.

I had my mine set on the papaya salad even before arriving. The other selection was also easy since we both like pad thai. The third order was a yellow curry that one of the waitress recommended.

Pad thai is a dish that I have always had issue with. I am not sure why some Thai restaurant make the noodles a bit sweet, of which I totally dislike. So I am always a bit anxious when I take that first bite, hoping that I will not be disappointed.

Very fortunately, the pad thai here did not surprised me in a negative way. It had a good flavor and not sweet! The papaya salad was tangy and crunchy as I envisioned it to be. The diappointment for the night was the yellow curry which tasted a bit bland. I regretted not ordering the green curry which I usually prefer. Nevertheless, I truly did enjoy the evening with the pleasant ambiance as well as the other two dishes, and I hope to come back soon to have my favorite dishes again.

President Thai – 498 S. Rosemead Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91107     Phone:626-578-9814