After discovering the opening of this already quite popular Hong Kong style restaurant in another part of town, we have since gone back there no less than five times within the span of one month.

It is puzzling how so many people already know about this third location when the place was only so recently opened. There were usually quite a bit of people waiting even though the actual wait time had not been very long – tonight was the only time that we did not have to wait to get seated. The waiters and waitresses were all very efficient and some were especially friendly toward us. I was told that a few came from a restaurant that I had liked, and that the place has been closed recently.

The inside seating are comfortable though some of the tables are a bit closed to each other. This particular branch offers some Chef’s Specialty dishes that are not in the other locations. The one dish that attracted me originally was the Lobster stirred fry with rice cake. However, they did not have it the first time, nor the second time we were there. Instead, the waitress suggested the Sea Cucumbers with Mushrooms which turned out to be the best dish so far. The Pork Ribs was excellent too, with a tangy glaze that was absolutely delicious. There was a Stir Fry Milk with Seafood dish that was decent, and the vegetables in the Bok Choy with Mushroom and Dried Beancurd was fresh and crunchy. As it turned out, my most anticipated dish –  Lobster with rice cake, was probably our least favorite due to the overly saltiness of the dish.

So when we were there last week for the fourth time, we decided on the two dishes that we enjoyed the most – the sea cucumbers and the pork ribs, and it was not difficult at all cleaning off everthing on those two plates.

Delicious Food Corner – 545 W Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel, CA 91776  Phone: 626-325-8838