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While visiting family up North, I was asked to buy an authentic Apple Logo Mug at the Apple Headquarter Store in Cupertino, which is supposed to be the only Apple store on this earth that one can buy this mug. I decided to go on a Sunday since I did not want to deal with traffic.


I anticipated more tourist there, but maybe because it was late in the afternoon, so the crowd was not too bad. The store itself is not too big, aside from the usual merchandise one sees at a regular Apple store, there are mugs, water bottles, T-shirts, pens, …


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The small mugs cost $25 each. I asked why it is so expensive, and the guy told me in all seriousness that the mug is handmade in Japan, and it is made with porcelain! “Oh”, I said, he seems to truly believe that it is really worth that price. At least the little shopping bag that came with the mug seems to be of quality material.

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One is not allowed to visit the inside of the office building, which is quite understandable. So the trip was a short one. I took a few pictures, and off we go.

Apple Headquater:  1 Infinity Drive, Cupertino, CA 95014  Phone: 408-996-1010