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Spago – Wolfgang Puck, names that need no introduction.

It was probably over 20 years ago that I was in Spago for the first time. Back then the restaurant was still at at the West Hollywood location. I don’t even recall  how the food was, but it did not make too much of an impression for me back then.

Still, I wanted to try Spago for a second time at the new location in Beverly Hills. I finally had the chance yesterday. I chose a Sunday since I know the traffic would be better. I managed to find a parking space on the street about 3 blocks away.


The interior of the restaurant felt airy and clean, it is probably one of the more comfortable setting I have been to in a while. There is an outside courtyard seating area. The inside of the restaurant is actually much bigger than it looks from the outside.



Our waiter is a young fellow who seemed very easy going and made me feel quite at ease. The older gentleman who brought me the bread and cappuccino seemed happy working there, and had a constant smile on his face. He was like a nice grandfather that made me feel relaxed and warm inside.


I decided to ordered two pastas to start: the Handmade Agnolotti with Sweet Peas, and a Squid Ink Garganelli with Lobster.

The Agnolotti w/sweet peas is a pasta dough folded over with the sweet peas fillings – the texture was elegantly smooth and velvety, rich but not heavy, with a slight sweetness, definitely one of the best pasta dish I have tried.


The Squid Ink pasta was equally good in its own way, light and delicate in taste. The lobster was delightfully tender and fresh.


I had the Crispy Scale Maine Black Bass for my entree, while my companion had the Grilled Veal Chop (the waiter said that the veal chop is one of the Signature dish). I thought that the fish was exquisitely done, the skin was crispy but not hard, and the flesh was cooked just perfectly, really an outstanding dish.


The portion size of the Veal Chop was rather substantial. The meat was exceptionally flavorful, tender and juicy.



Even thought I was rather full by this time, I really wanted to try the Chocolate Souffle. The souffle was baked in a plastic punch so it was very moist. It came with a side of delicious chocolate sauce and gelato. The dessert was very rich, a tad too sweet, but I did manage to finish most of it.


Spago – 176 N. Canon Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90210   Phone: 310-385-0880