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Being that it is DineLA week, I looked up a few restaurants with well known chefs to see what type of menu they are offering. The menu at Gordon Ramsay at The London WH seemed appealing enough for me to want to try.

I have never really watched an entire episode of Gordon Ramsay’s TV shows, but I had seen small segments here and there, and I am not really a fan of his shows. However, I was curious whether the food at his restaurant matches his notoriety.

There was a parking space on the street right outside The London WH, a passerby told me that I had to move the car by 7pm, which meant I had an hour and a half to finish the dinner – enough time.

The restaurant and hotel, though not that new, was well kept and relatively clean. Service was prompt and friendly.


Now the food. I asked for bread, but was informed that bread did not come with the meal. The waitress suggested the Cottage Cheese Rolls, and being that I was famished, I went with the suggestion. Well, it turned out that these rolls were the highlight of my meal that evening.

There were six of these warm, fragrant, soft and delicious rolls served with room temperature butter and salt on the side. I could have eaten the entire plate, but I was gracious enough to save some for my friend.


The Marrow Toast was actually the appetizer that I was looking forward to, but was a bit disappointed at. I did not taste much of the marrow because there was not too little of it, and the edges of the toast were slightly too hard for my preference.


I did enjoy my entree of Pork Belly and Scallop. The layer of fat in between the pork was incredibly luscious and smooth, and melted in my mouth before I had a chance to decide whether I really should be swallowing all these fat. My friend’s Filet Mignon Angus was nothing short of perfection – wonderfully seasoned, and tender.



I preferred the Meyer Lemon Tart over the English Sticky Toffee Pudding. There was not enough “stickiness” to the pudding.

The crowd that evening seemed young and hip, quite a few ladies were wearing short dresses and mini skirts, and mostly in white or ivory colors, which was rather interesting, maybe that is the “in” color for this season.

Gordon Ramsay at The London WH – 1020 N. San Vicente Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90069   Phone: 310-358-7788

DineLa menu – Lunch $25, Dinner $50