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This is the 2nd year in a row that I have decided to celebrate New Year’s Day with a delicious Brunch Buffet. I searched long and hard to come up with one that would provide a nice ambiance in addition to good quality food.

I hit the jackpot with the New Year Brunch Buffet at Tres at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Before I go on about how exceptionally fantastic this experience was, let me just clarify that this is not a buffet with a huge selection of food (except for the unparalleled desserts selections), but what it did offer, were absolutely awesome.


In fact, there were only 3 tables of food to choose from (and these were not very long tables). One table had the deliciously moist, juicy prime rib cut to order, as well as one of the most tender and succulent roasted pork that I have ever tasted. The meat was even better (though unbelievably) than my beloved Chinese roasted pork. There were smoked salmon and 2 types of fish roe (caviar), a good varieties of Prosciutto, salami, and delectable cheeses. There were also these really soft and warm miniature steamed buns that I adored and ate at least 6 of. There were some organic baby carrots, and miniature potatoes, etc…



The other table had Greek Yogurt Parfait, Crudité cups, Baby Romaine Hearts, and Aquas Frescas (water infused with fresh juices) –  my friend was raving about how refreshing and soothing they were.



The dessert table was magic. The plain croissant was the best I have tasted in the US – flaky, light and buttery. You can imagine how great the other pastries and desserts were if a plain croissant could be so good.  Every dessert was astonishing, but there was this particular one (made with passion fruit and coconut) that my friend and I thought was just incredible with its complex, tart and subtly sweet flavor. My friend had 3 of those despite the fact that he normally shuns desserts.





Aside from the remarkable taste and quality of foods, the decor and the ambiance were nothing short of brilliant, fabulous, magical, comfortable. There were sections that had fireplaces, bookcases, and where the guests can sit around the table in comfortable sofas. The lighting provided a warm and cozy feeling. The furnishing,  light fixtures, and decorations were all unique, unusual and fun. I was utterly impressed with the unsurpassed attention to fine details.

I understand that they offer an Afternoon Tea for around $35 – $38, I hope to try that in the very near future.

Tres by José Andrés:  465 S. La Cienega Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048        Phone: 310-246-5551

New Year’s Brunch: $52       Sat, Sunday Brunch: $42