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I was trying to think of a good Japanese restaurant to visit in the South Bay area, and I remembered a place that I had been to quite some time ago that was highly recommended by a Japanese friend. I did some research, and found that this place is famous for the noodles among Japanese people.

The last time I was there, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the items on the menu. So this time around, I went online to do my research, looked through the whole menu to see what I should order when I get there.


I decided to try the Chef Special: Steamed Chilean Sea Bass with clams in foil. I figured the portion size would probably be small, so I ordered the Sanshoku Wariko Soba which is a trio of mini soba with salmon roe, mushrooms, seasoned herring. My companion ordered the Sanuki Gozen – Assorted sashimi, broiled fish, shrimp and vegetable tempura, etc.

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Let’s start with my friend’s super large order of various typical Japanese fare. There was the broiled salmon fillet, a plate of fresh tuna sashimi, the crispy tempura, a bowl of Japanese root vegetables and konnyaku which I love. There was also a small bowl of steamed egg custard, some Japanese pickled vegetables, a bowl of white rice, and on top of all that, a bowl of udon of substantial size, and scoops of ice cream for dessert! And all were delicious and fresh according to  my friend who was trying hard to finish most everything there were in front of him.

My Chilean Sea Bass with clams was exceptionally fresh and cooked perfectly. As I predicted, the portion was on the small side, but delicious. I was so glad that I had ordered the trio of soba. The presentation was quaint and appetizing. The three mini bowls looked and tasted fantastic. The taste of the herring stood out the most.



I would definitely come back again for the mini soba trio, and perhaps try something different on top of that the next time around.

Sanuki no Sato:  18206 s. Western Ave, Gardena, CA 90248  Phone: 310-324-9184