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Hong Kong style cafes are some of my favorite places to go because these types of eatery offer so many varieties of food and interesting choices of beverages. And fortunately in Los Angeles, there is a good selection of these in the San Gabriel Valley area.

Younique Cafe in Monterey Park is one that I visit from time to time. The restaurant is roomy and bright, with a relaxing and modern decor. There is ample spaces in between tables, and the booths are large and comfortable.

The menu is relatively large, with offerings ranging from traditional Chinese dishes to more western style of food such as steaks, lamp chops, pork chops, pastas, clay pots, sandwiches, salads, coffees, HK style milk tea, milk shakes,…


On this occasion, I ordered the coffee with English tea, with the containers of cream and condensed milk on the side. The brew was strong and potent, just what I wanted.

I opted for the more traditional dishes for today. I really wanted lamb, so I ordered the Stir Fried Lamb in House Special Sauce, Taro and Pumpkin with Coconut Sauce in Clay Pot, and the Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce.


I really enjoyed the Taro and Pumpkin with Coconut Sauce, the taro and pumpkin were cooked really well, so they were lusciously soft. I just wish there were more pumpkin, the flavor was nicely sweet.



The Chinese broccoli were tender and fresh to the taste. I thought the Stir Fried Lamb was going to be spicy because there was a pepper logo next to the item on the menu, however, the actual dish was not spicy at all. The meat was flavorful with tons of red and green peppers, which went extremely well with the rice on the side.

I must had been really hungry, because after all that food, I was still not that full.

I brought home an order of their Wonton and Beef Brisket Lo-Mien for my son, and he commented that it was really great, and that he especially liked the soft yet slightly crunchy texture of the thin noodles.

Younique Cafe: 220 W. Garvey Ave. Monterey Park, CA 91754  Phone: 626-288-8383