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Those who are serious about Dim Sum would probably have tried or at least heard of this place in Rosemead that some food critics have rated as top on their lists of Chinese restaurants.

My first encounter was at least ten years ago. A friend and I wanted some top quality Dim Sum and decided to try it out. I remembered being quite impressed by the food. Throughout the years, I might have gone back a couple more times for holiday celebrations. So it seems befitting that I was back yesterday to celebrate my B-day.

It was actually a last minute decision to go there since I was in the area getting a chipped tooth fixed. Dim Sum has always been one of my favorite eating past time because it is so much fun to pick and choose all the varieties of food that are usually available.


The inside of the restaurant is not exceptionally fancy, but it does feel extremely clean and much more comfortable and upscale than other places. Some friends have complained to me about the waiters being snobbish and not providing the best of service there, but on this occasion, the lady waiter was markedly friendly and helpful.

There is a menu with pictures of all the Dim Sum selections, and one needs to just pick and mark down on the order form how much and which ones. I chose about eight items.


The food arrived piping hot and fresh and at just the right pace. The Baked  BBQ Pork Buns is the best that I have ever had. The restaurant is so proud of this dish that it was named Sea Harbour No. 1 Bun in Chinese. The meat is lean and wonderfully tasty with a bun that is incredibly soft and perfect in texture.



The Pan Fried Spinach Bun was ever so lightly fried and delicious with a pork filling and a greenish outer skin. The Steamed Pork Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce was tender. The Steamed Turnip Cake came with four tall cubes that are really moist and soft, and steaming hot.


The Scallops Dumpling had one good sized scallop on top if each dumpling. The Sticky Rice and Meat Wrapped in Lotus Leaf  was delicate with just the right amount of filling and a quarter of a salty egg yolk.


Anyone who likes durian would love the Deep Fried Durian Pastry. The skin was light and flaky with ample and satisfying amount of the delicious durian.


One last note, the tea that I ordered was the Pu’er and Chrysanthemum and was probably one of the better tasting version that I have tried.

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant: 3939 Rosemead Blvd. Rosemead, CA 91770  Phone: (626) 288-3939