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The opening of 85° in Gardena is almost like a dream come true for those of us who live in the South Bay area who enjoy going to this bakery chain that originated from Taiwan. I don’t even understand exactly why people like me flock in droves to this bakery place as if it was free. With the tong in one hand, and a large tray on the other, I scrutinized each slot and picked up these soft breads and piled them onto the tray.


With hundreds of people lining outside for hours waiting for all of their grand openings, it makes me wonder what is the reason behind this type of euphoria over a bakery. Whatever the reason is, I was definitely part of that. I had been excited for weeks prior to the actual opening. I was able to go there in the evening of the opening day. We got a free red mug with the $20 purchase, and a free Sea Salt Drink coupon with a drink purchase as well as some key chains.



As much as some of the selections here are quite excellent such the black Squid Ink Bread, the Rose Bread, and the Berrytale, there are other Chinese bakeries that offer distinguished choices of bakery items that are just as good, and some that are even better such as the Po Tart at Jim’s Bakery.


Perhaps it is the fact there are comfortable seating areas where one can actually sit down and enjoy the “fresh bread” that had just come out from the oven. Perhaps it is the enticing drink selections which include the famous Sea Salt Coffee and Teas that one cannot get at other Chinese bakeries. Or perhaps it is the idea that one is getting something more authentic being that it originated from Asia. Or maybe just simply that hype produces more hype.



In any case, I was back again on Thanksgiving Day after lunch. A friend and I sat down for a cappuccino and a Sea Salt Coffee. I got some breads to go: a Brioche, a Mango Bread, a Chocolate Croissant, Walnut Tart, and a Pumpkin Tart. I thought my cappuccino was especially outstanding and large for a medium size, much better than the ones at other coffee houses in town. The Brioche was the best out of the bunch – huge, fluffy, and buttery.

DSCN0951 - Copy

Since the store did not have my favorite, the Rose Bread, the previous two times, I am already thinking about going back soon to get my hands on the fragrant bread.

85°c Bakery Cafe – 1398 Artesia Blvd. Gardena, CA 90248