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I have tasted this dish in some of the best Korean restaurants in Los Angeles Koreatown, and have already decided that Soban is the Place to go. So I was not expecting much since this restaurant is not well known for this favorite dish of mine, Eun Daegu Jorim (Braised Black Cod with Radish).

I was really craving for black cod, and I did not want to make the trip to Koreatown that Saturday afternoon. I decided to try the Eun Daegu Jorim at Da Maat since the other dishes were fairly decent when I had lunch with my Korean friend here before.

The menu has some good photos of various dishes including the cod fish plate and the Bossam (Steamed Pork wrapped with Leaf Vegetable). We ordered the bossam and the fish.

The Eun Daegu Jorim came out in a huge, piping hot black metal pot with four large pieces of black cod and big rounds of radishes. I was immediately impressed with the presentation. Upon tasting the fish, I was so wonderfully surprised by how fresh and clean tasting the cod was, and how utterly tender and flaky the flesh was. I also love the fact that the seasonings were not too salty, and one can easily taste the true flavor of the fish. I was elated with the fact that I have found such an excellent rendition of this dish so close to home.


The Bossam was another welcomed surprise as well. While most flocked to Kobawoo for the famous steamed pork, I was amazed at how soft and moist the meat was here, almost better than those at Kobawoo on this occasion. I don’t know whether it was the fact that I have not had these two dishes for quite some time, but both dishes were just so outstandingly great that I could not stop thinking about them the whole day after the meal. I kept wanting to go back the following day.


The banchan selection, while not huge, were all really fresh and tasty. The service was efficient and the interior was clean and comfortable.

Da Maat:  2814  W. Sepulveda Blvd. Torrance, CA 90505  Phone: 310-534-5533