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Just within the same block on Valley Blvd, there are the three restaurants that I think are consistently excellent and probably are some of the best in the San Gabriel Valley. The other two includes my favorite Tasty Garden and Garden Café, of which I had already wrote about.

Baccali Café is just right across the street from these two restaurants. The menu is huge with over 200 items to choose from. This place, being a rotisserie, does specialize in a good selection of mouth-watering, succulent grilled meat dishes including chicken, ribs, steaks, and fishes. The portion sizes are quite huge served with either pasta or rice.


On this visit, being not a big meat eater myself, I ordered the Braised E-Fu Noodle w/Fish Fillet, which was a gigantic plate of soft noodle with chunks of codfish and some mustard green, slices of black mushrooms, in a light brown gravy. The fish slices were tender, moist, and the long thin flat noodles were really soft and flavorful after soaking up the sauce.


My friend ordered the Grilled Salmon Fillet, with steamed vegetables and rice. I was told that the salmon was one of the best that he had from a restaurant.

We also ordered a plate of Garlic Stir Fried Choy Sum. The vegetables were bright green, firm and fresh. It was such a huge platter that we were not able to finish the whole plate.


I did, of course, ordered my favorite drink, Red Bean Ice, which was nicely thick and filled with sweet soft red beans and crushed ice. It went really well with all the food.



Baccali Café and Rotisserie – 245 w. Valley Blvd. Alhambra, CA 91801  Phone: 626-293-3300