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First of all, it is already rather difficult to find a restaurant that serves organic dishes, but to find a Chinese restaurant that provides healthy, organic entrees, it is certainly a rarity.

Green Zone, a small yet very clean and comfortable place in the heart of San Gabriel Valley is a no doubt a needle in a haystack.

I must first clarify that not everything on the menu is organic, only those items specified organic are, and mainly that would be the vegetables, mushrooms, the buckwheat noodles, and the chicken.

I have heard about this restaurant for quite a while, and the reason I finally decided to go there today was so that I could get my son a take-out of the Organic Hainan Chicken Rice, since he does love the Hainan style Chicken Rice dish.



Though the interior is not big, I did not feel crammed at all, in fact, it felt rather airy and serene. The waiters were efficient and helpful. I decided on an order of the Steamed Chive Gyoza with organic chicken as the appetizer. The ten pieces arrived on a round bamboo platter. Famished from a small breakfast, I immediately stuffed the dumplings into my eager mouth. The taste was light, the texture smooth and moist, just perfect. I gobbled six of them in less than 30 seconds, while my eating companion was slowing savoring his measly four.



For the entree, I had the Vegetarian Sukiyaki, while my friend ordered the Beef Sukiyaki. The size of the two Sukiyaki pots were not too large, the ingredients inside tasted exceptionally fresh and delicious. All the vegetables were cooked perfectly, not too hard nor too soft, while retaining each of its own individual taste. I forgot to ask what they put into the wild rice, but it was the best rice I have ever had in a restaurant.

Even though I was not totally full, but I was extremely satisfied with the wonderful fresh ingredients and the unique tastes of all the dishes. I will certainly be back to try their curry dishes and the Satay Beef which looked so good from the table next to us.


My son commented that the rice that came with the Organic Hainan Chicken Rice was exceedingly flavorful, different from all the other rice that he had before, and the chicken was quite terrific as well.

On one side of the restaurant, there are some organic produce, condiments and snacks that one can purchase, but the selection is limited. One would do better going to Whole Foods for more varieties of organic items.

Green Zone: 534 E. Valley Blvd. Ste. 4 &5, San Gabriel, CA 91776  Phone: 626-288-9300