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When I want to get together with a friend for a chat, or to just to take a small break from our sometimes frazzled lives, my place of choice would be Tous Les Jours.  This  French-Asian café pastry shop comes to my mind first because it provides an extremely relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for one to sit down, unwind and have some good French style pastries, as well as some traditional Korean ones, with a good selection of coffees and teas.



The interior is very open and modern, with ample spaces in between tables for some private conversations. The employees are young and friendly.

One can choose freely from the many assortment of traditional and not-so-traditional bakery items. One of my favorite here is the very Thick French Toast. The toast is way over an inch thick with a golden yellow top crust, sprinkled with slivers of almond and powder sugar. It is only mildly sweet, and goes exceptionally well with a good hot cup of cappuccino.



I have also tried some of the Korean style donuts here such as the Sweet Rice Doughnut – a round ball made with sweet rice deep fried to a golden brown that is chewy and just a tad sweet. Sweet Corn Cream Doughnut is a twisted version rolled in a faintly sweet yellow corn powder.

For something a bit more sweeter, the Sweet Potato Pie and Apple Pie will fill that craving, along with the Chocolate Croissant and the Red Bean Pastry. If something non-sweet is desired, the Mochi Roll –  a baked mochi bread roll with some sesame seeds and a chewy crust, or the Garlic Baguette will satisfy nicely.

The shop is opened from 7am to 9pm, which makes it convenient to stop by before work or after an early dinner.

Tous Les Jours – 2814 Sepulveda Blvd. Torrance, CA 90505  Phone: 310-257-6848

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