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Who could resist a big, chunky, warm, enticing freshly baked cookie, let alone an ice cream sandwich made to order with two of these cookies?

cookieNot me. I was fortunate enough to be only about 15 minutes away from this infamous cookie place in Westwood last week. I had wanted to come back here since a few years ago when I happened to pass by the shop, and the line was way too long. I thought I would just come back soon another day. Time just flew by, it has been almost 3 years later now.

It was a bright, cheerful, sunny day around noon, probably cheerful because I was about to finally get my hands on these sweet, rich, teeth numbing goodies that I have been thinking about for so long. Thankfully, there was actually no line during that particular time of that day. I started to take some photos of the place, and checked out the menu.

Only 35 cents for one cookie, 3 cookies for $1, or 6 for $2.00, The prices were so incredibly reasonable! There were ten delectable, mouth-watering flavors to choose from: chocolate chip w/walnuts, white chocolate w/macadamia, peanut butter, double chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin nut, chocolate w/white chocolate, sugar cinnamon, candy, chocolate chip. Yum!

How could one choose just a few from this cruel, tempting list? So I bought one of each except for the candy one for a total of $3.00. I felt so unusually elated for some reason. The brownies looked so moist and chocolaty sitting next to the cookies that I could not come up with a good reason not to get one for only 75 cents.

brownieOne can order a custom made ice cream sandwich with any 2 of the insanely fresh cookies and a choice of one of the dozen of Dreyer’s Ice Cream flavors such as: peanut butter cup, vanilla bean, mint chocolate chip, rocky road, strawberry cheese cake chunk, butter pecan, espresso chip, … for $1.75.

So odd but true how a short and simple excursion such as this could be so unbelievably fun and fulfilling to my taste buds, my spirit and my stomach.

ice cream sandwich

Diddy Riese: 926 Broxton Avenue, Westwood, CA 90024  Phone: 310-208-0448