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paul  martin

Maybe it was because the restaurant was close to where I play badminton at, maybe because it was next to some of the other restaurants that I go to from time to time, maybe I wanted to try something new. Somehow I ended up having lunch there one day. The restaurant is large and spacious, elegant yet comfortable. The two of us ordered the Fresh Fish Tacos and a Braised Short Ribs. We were just enjoying the atmosphere of the place and having good conversations when I realized that it had seemed like a very, very long time had gone by, and still we did not get our food. I questioned our waiter, and he apologized and told us that there was a company party going on, and the kitchen was having problems keeping up. So we waited and waited. The waiter gave us more bread and apologized again.

It must have been over an hour later that the food finally arrived to our table. Naturally, I was a bit upset. I was too hungry to say anything at that point, so we just started eating. The fish tacos were really fresh, tangy and delicious, with just the right amount sauce and seasonings. The short ribs were meaty and satisfying, and came with a big heap of rich, creamy mashed potatoes – probably the best I had tasted.

Though the food was delectable and of high quality, I could not help but felt that the restaurant could have done more to remedy the fact that the food took so long to arrive. As if the waiter had read my mind, he came over to ask us if we would like some complimentary desserts to make up for the long wait. Yes, of course, “what do you have?” I immediately asked. He recommended the Banana Cream Pie, which was very fresh tasting and not too sweet. We also got some ice cream as well.

When the check arrived, the waiter informed us that the boss had decided not to charge us anything due to the long wait. I was finally able to feel that it was all worth it – the wait, the food, and that it was all meant to be.

I have been back a few times since then, the food has never been disappointing. I would highly recommend the Prime Rib Special on Sundays, which comes with salad or soup(the Roasted Butternut Squash soup is superb, rich with just the right amount of sweetness from the squash), and dessert. The prime rib was huge, and so incredibly tender and juicy that, in my opinion, it can rival some of the best known steak house in town – and all that for the price of $25.

Paul Martin’s:  2361 Rosecrans Avenue, El Segundo, CA 90245  Phone: (310) 643-9300