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Although I have been buying different varieties of bread and pastries here for years now, I have never really given much thought as to how good this bakery really is until the more I tried other bakeries in the Los Angeles area. To clarify, I am mainly comparing this place to the other Asian owned bakeries such as JJ Bakery, 85°cParis Baguette, Simply Splendid Bakery, etc.  I would just say that the items here are consistently delicious and of high quality.

What I find is that most bakeries usually offer a few items that are unique and outstanding to that particular shop. I would often end up going to different shops to purchase favorite items from that individual store. Perhaps I will share with you which pastries I find to be the best from each bakery at a later date.

The Raisin bread rolls and Mochi bread rolls, as well as the Green tea bread loaf are my favorites. The raisins in the bread are plump and juicy with just the right amount of sweetness in the bread. The mochi roll has a soft center with an outer crust that is chewy and slightly crunchy. If available, the green tea bread is exceptional, with its strong and fragrant tea flavor.

The Choco Ring Donut is the best chocolate donut I have tried so far. Perhaps it is not fair to compare it to a traditional donut since it is quite different. The description says that it is dipped in thick, dark french chocolate. The result is that I feel like I am eating a thin crispy layer of a delicious semi sweet chocolate with a donut.

One of their most popular item is the Cream Cornet, which consists of a flaky, slightly chewy outer shell, and filled with a blend of fresh heavy cream and custard cream.  While I like the outside texture and the creamy consistency inside,  I do find it to be just a tiny bit sweet for my taste. The Cherry Tart is dense but moist with the right balance of sweetness and tartness from the cherries.

Thoughts and Question of the Day: While in France, my favorite pastry was “chausson aux pommes”, I have not been able to find that here in LA yet. Why is it so hard to find this particular pastry?

Hamada-ya: 21515 S. Western Ave. Torrance, CA 90501 Phone: (310) 787-1778 (inside Mitsuwa Marketplace)