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me and shoe

My name is Alice, so excited to be blogging after months and months of contemplating whether to start this or not. Friends have been constantly telling me for a long time to start writing and sharing my food (eating) experiences, since I so love to eat, and love to try new foods and restaurants.

Due to the fact that I am currently residing in the Los Angeles area, the majority of my writings on food-related subjects, restaurants, bakeries (my most favorite subject), and other eateries, will be in the vicinity of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a good place to start my writing because the Chinese food here is one of the best (being Chinese, I have a bit of expertise). Of course, my all around favorite cuisine is Korean. I just love everything about Korean food, from all the varieties of kimchee, to the mixed purple rice, or brown rice with all sorts of beans inside, to of course, the main dishes such as braised black cod, cold noodles, tofu hotpot, steamed pork belly wraps, …Yum!

A bit about myself, born in Hong Kong, grew up in San Francisco, graduated from UCLA a while back, now residing in the Los Angeles area with my son who will reluctantly go out with me from time to time to enjoy some of his favorite foods such as ramen, shrimp rice noodle roll(cheong fun), pork belly with preserved mui choy, and of course Korean food such as bulgogi, galbi, tofu hot pot. I am so glad that he does take after me in regards to really enjoying Korean food.

As I have mentioned earlier, I am passionate about my pastries. After living in France for a year in a study program, I have developed an insatiable appetite and appreciation for not just French pastries, but all pastries, especially the many varieties of traditional and not-so-traditional Chinese pastries (both the Hong Kong and Taiwanese types), and the French-style pastries that are created and owned by Japanese or Koreans entrepreneurs.

I cannot wait to share my present as well as past food adventures and thoughts with someone other than my immediate circle of friends. I hope that in the process,I will learn and educate myself more on the topics of food and eating, as well as sharing ideas on other interesting and perhaps enlightening subject matter.